All are expected to be neat and simple in dress and   appearance ,  to be punctual & regular in attendance ,to be faithful and diligent in studies and special assignments allotted to each. Our   students are expected to uphold values respect elders and to be polite and courteous to all, and be ready to oblige and show decency and decorum in behaviour.


The working of the college starts with prayer followed by news reading.  provide opportunity to every   student  to express their views regarding various  topics there is a programme called “Thought for the day” which is presented by them every day.

The working time  of the college is from 9.30 am to 4 pm with a lunch break from 12.30 pm to 1.20 pm. Attendance   shall be marked at the beginning of the class .

No student shall be   from   class   without   forwarding   leave   application. Application of the leave of absence (for noon section /after noon section /full day) should  the  prescribed  form which  is to be duly filled and submitted by the student in person to his /her optional teacher after obtaining  the recommendation of leave ,the  application form should be handed over  to the  principal. The application must be  submitted  in advance .in unavoidable unforeseen circumstance the application should be submitted  on the very day of  hi/her return to the college.

A proper medical certificate should accompany the leave application when  the  period  of leave extend to more than 5 days or synchronizes  with  the date on which terminal or other college  examinations  are held.90%  of   attendance prescribed  by the university to score ‘A’ Grade  to the attendance for the academic  year. Attendance will be calculated in   every  month .

Students   coming to the class late without leave shall loose half days attendance unless recommended by the teacher in charge   of the class during that hour.


It   is  compulsory  that  all the students should wear  uniform on  all  wednesdays  and on the special  occasion  in the college.


Books will be issued   from  the  library  on  all  the  working  days  from 10 am to 5 pm .Two books will be issued at a time   .  The   students can have  the  books  for a week .failure on the part of the students to return the book  in proper  time will be fined with  50ps. Any member can use the reference   service   throughout   the   working. Members   are   fully   responsible  for the books and the journals issued to them.  Students   are  requested to check  all items before they are taken out  of  the  library and report the mutilation or damage, if any there  itself.


1. Exemption from attendance in test   papers  and  examinations  is  granted  only by the principal.

2.  Grade   obtained   in the  test papers and   will also be considered for the internal assignment  absence from the test paper s and examinations will result in reduction of internal marks.

3.  Assignment , Records, Lesson plan and teaching aid should be submitted promptly and neatly  to  the concerned  teacher .Grades obtained in the above items also will be added to the internal marks.


Documents   submitted at the time of  admission  will not be returned  before the completion of the course. Hence sufficient   number of attested copies of the certificates shall be procured before   submission.  However   in urgent   cases   certificates   could be returned temporarily on the payment of Rs 10/ as search fee

Transfer certificates shall be   issued  only  after  the payment of all dues to the college.

A student who needs a certificate of transfer ,character and conduct age ,  identification etc shall apply one day in advance to the Principal in writing  accompanied with a fee of Rs 10/ -each stating the year the class number and home address. Conduct certificate will be issued only once and that will be at the end of the course.

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